L>R: Baxter/Black/Sugarlips/OTL/Shearsmith/Davis 


 AMM All-Stars is a band - political groupuscule, social movement, drinking club, event organisation, poltergeist, what you will - which grew out of two radio shows: Late Lunch with Out To Lunch (Resonance FM, 2pm Wednesdays since November 2002) and The OTL Show (Soho Radio, 8am Fridays since November 2017). Its personnel is fluid and expansive as a slime mould, but often includes Out To Lunch, Peter Baxter, Graham Davis, Eleanor Crook, Dave Black, Jair-Rohm Parker Wells, Paul Shearsmith, Robert "Sugarlips" Goldsmith, Guy Evans, Ben Moran-Healy, Rob Jones, Beebee Vanunu and maybe even you if you behave yourself.

1. A Conversation about Xenochrony - pdf here,

2. Over 200 hours of Xenochrony and every Late Lunch online

3.  Association of Musical Marxists, AMM,  or Roots of Ammas



Baxter, Watson & Wells in The George, Borough High Street, Wednesday 22-vi-2017

after playing a Late Lunch at Resonance FM - photo by Wells



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