ISBN: 978-0-9568176-0-0

Published: May 2011, 256pp

Starting with the commodity form (rather than the ‘spirit’ lauded by everyone from Classic FM retards to NME journalists), Adorno outlined a revolutionary musicology, a passageway between subjective feeling and objective conditions. In Adorno for Revolutionaries, Ben Watson argues that this is what everyone’s been looking for since the PCF blackened the name of Marxism by wrecking the hopes of May ’68. Batting aside postmodern prattlers and candyass pundits alike, this collection detonates the explosive core of Adorno’s thought.

The Association of Musical Marxists says: Those ‘socialists’ who are frightened of their feelings can go stew in their imaginary bookshop. For us, great music is a necessity. To talk about it is to criticize everything that exists.






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