ISBN: 978-0-9568176-8-6

Published: Apr 2012, 168pp

Blake in Cambridge was written after reading William Blake’s visionary epic Milton during extended bouts of childcare in Coram’s Fields in the summer of 2010. Blake in Cambridge is the Marxist critique of Eng. Lit. Christopher Caudwell was meant to write, but screwed up due to a CPGB sociology which denies literature the chance to answer back. In Marx’s polemic, the jokes of Tristram Shandy and Don Quixote became weapons in class struggle. This, argues Watson, is how Blake can and should be used.

The Association of Musical Marxists says: A revolutionary party would not be paranoid about its members’ proclivities. It would not try, like the Lindsey German-era SWP, to insulate members from avant garde extremes and bathe them, infant Cleopatras, in a dilute milk of inoffensive, politically-correct culture – soggy crumbs from the bosses’ table. We need to pierce the veil of moralism and fear which protects the bourgeois racket. Blake for the masses! Start here






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